Expert Slab Leak Detection & Repair Service in Murrieta, San Diego & Winchester CA

Any amount of water in your home can be severe. A leak in the slab foundation, however, could be downright dangerous. The structural integrity of your home is at risk. Such a leak requires immediate attention from an experienced plumber. Contact Liberty Plumbing today. We’ll take a look at your slab leak and find a favorable solution.

Average Slab Leak Repair Cost

The average cost of slab leak repair can vary significantly, depending on numerous factors. For instance, we’ll need to consider the extent of the leak, the materials required, labor hours, size of the home, and other key considerations.

But do not fret, we’ll have a comprehensive quote for our services available for you before we begin any work!

Slab Leak Detection May Include

When we handle slab leak detection, we’re looking for a number of common problems. First of all, the telltale signs, such as the sound of running water or cracks in the floor, indicate that a leak is present. We know it’s there, and now, it’s simply a matter of nailing down the exact cause. Here’s a few likely scenarios:

  • Pipe corrosion
  • Wear and tear due to friction
  • High water pressure
  • Shifting or settling
  • Improperly installed or low-quality pipes

How We Deal With Slab Leaks

Once we locate the slab leak, we begin the repair process. We have a few options, including re-piping, pipe re-routing, and pipe relining. Relining is a common choice. With the relining process, we slide a new liner through the broken pipe to cover and seal the leaks. It’s a trenchless repair process, meaning less mess and less cost to you!

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