Tips for Programming Your Thermostat for Energy Efficiency

So, how do you ensure your thermostat is programmed for optimal energy efficiency? The thermostat is an often-overlooked but significant contributor to a household’s carbon footprint. With the right programming, you can nudge your energy usage in a greener direction without sacrificing comfort. In this…

Hot Water Not Coming out of the Shower?

It’s a common and frustrating scenario: you step into the shower expecting a soothing stream of hot water, only to be met with an unwelcome blast of cold. At Liberty Plumbing, we understand how crucial a reliable hot shower is to your daily routine. In…

Why Isn’t My Furnace Keeping Up With the Cold?

When winter’s icy grasp tightens, a faltering furnace can transform your home from a warm sanctuary to an uncomfortably chilly space. Understanding the potential reasons behind this heating setback is crucial, often requiring both your attention and the expertise of professionals. Troubleshooting the Basics Begin…

What Is the Most Energy-Efficient Heating System?

When it comes to choosing the heating system for your home, it’s a decision that can greatly impact your comfort, energy costs and environmental impact. With a wide range of options available today, considering energy efficiency is key in making your selection. The most efficient…

Why Is My Air Conditioner Running Constantly?

If you’ve noticed that your air conditioner seems to be running non-stop, it can be concerning both for your comfort and your energy bills. Several factors could contribute to this issue, and understanding them is the first step toward finding a solution. Continue reading as…

Why Certain Rooms Get Hotter Than The Rest of The House

Maintaining consistent comfort throughout your home can sometimes feel like a balancing act, especially when certain rooms seem to absorb more heat than others. At Liberty Plumbing, we understand the importance of a comfortable living environment. In this article, we’ll uncover the factors that contribute…

The Most Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

Liberty Plumbing understands the importance of energy efficiency in HVAC systems. As a homeowner, investing in an energy-efficient HVAC system can not only reduce your carbon footprint but also lead to significant cost savings on your energy bills. Here we will explore the most energy-efficient…

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