What Are the Risks of Using a Plumber Without a License?

Plumber arriving at the door. Liberty Plumbing.You’ve probably always been taught the importance of doing your research before embarking on an expensive, time consuming home project. You want to get multiple estimates and read reviews on the experiences of other clients who have worked with the company. You may think that a plumbing job doesn’t require this kind of research, but believe us when we say that your research should be thorough before you bring anyone into your home that may not be as qualified as they seem. Always hire a licensed plumber – you could face major risks if you do not.

Unlicensed Contractors Cannot Pull Permits

Before a plumber begins a major job, they need to obtain a permit to make sure that everything is good to go with local codes and ordinances. Only properly licensed contractors can do so, and without these permits they have no right to take on certain jobs for the risk of causing immeasurable damage to your plumbing system. Furthermore, the customer can be saddled with expensive code violations due to the plumber’s negligence.

Many Do Not Have Insurance

Unlicensed plumbers who cannot pull permits often do not have proper insurance. You are therefore completely vulnerable to a lawsuit if that plumber is hurt while working on your plumbing job. Additionally, if the plumber does not have general liability insurance, any damage to your home inflicted by their team will have to be taken on by your home insurance policy – if it is covered by your policy’s parameters. Always make sure that the plumber you hire is insured in the event of the unexpected.

The Work May Suffer

The reality is that you want a licensed plumber who is completely up to date with a city’s codes, is familiar with the make-up and structure of a region’s plumbing specifications, and has had the proper training. Even though someone who is unlicensed may offer you a cheaper rate, it is not worth the risk of damaging your plumbing system, contaminating your water, or suing you unjustly. Their standards of workmanship are also likely lower, and you need to be assured of the highest quality of service before bringing someone on.

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