Understanding the Inner Workings of Your Air Conditioning

For many of us, air conditioning is an absolute must in the summer. We rely on our AC

units to keep things cool in the heat of the summer – but have you ever wondered how they work? 

Central air conditioning is a complex system with many interworking and highly sensitive components. But there are five parts that are especially important. Continue reading as we break down each one. 

  1. Compressor. The compressor is the workhorse of the air conditioning system. It works by moving refrigerant to the condenser to cool indoor air. 
  2. Condenser. The condenser is a coil system that converts the high-pressure gas (from the compressor) and turns it into a liquid. This liquid is then moved to the  next component:
  3. Evaporator. The evaporator is typically located in the unit inside your home (the compressor and condenser can both be found outdoors). The evaporator does what you might think it does: takes liquid and turns it into a gas, at which point it is cooled and moved back to the compressor again. This works in a cyclic fashion (over and over again) to cool the air.
  4. Blowing unit and air handler. The blowing unit and air handler work in unison to move the cooled air into your home through a duct system.
  5. Thermostat. The thermostat serves as the control board of the air conditioner unit. This can be set manually or automatically, depending on the version of the thermostat you have. 

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