Understanding the Importance of Your AC Thermostat

If you rely on air conditioning to keep things cool in the heat of summer, you understand how important it is to maintain an efficient AC unit. While condensers, coils, and fans are crucial to the proper function of your air conditioner, perhaps the single most important component is the thermostat – or what we like to refer to as the brains of your AC system.

Importance of Your AC ThermostatIf the thermostat is failing to function properly, it can cause a slew of problems – not to mention leave you feeling hot and uncomfortable in your home when you need cool air the most.

Role of the thermostat

Consider your thermostat the control center of your air conditioner. No matter how well maintained your AC unit is, if the thermostat is not working effectively, nothing will. A faulty thermostat can be more than just an annoyance when the temperature control is feeling off. It can also lead to potentially severe damages in the air conditioning unit itself, such as short cycling and even compressor failure.

Thermostat maintenance

To maintain your thermostat, keep a close eye on temperature readings and take note of how often your AC is running. If it seems like your unit is starting and stopping frequently, failing to start at all, or simply not providing cooling capabilities as it should be, the thermostat might be to blame.

The problem could be a simple fix, such as a program update that needs to be completed or even batteries or wiring that need to be replaced. But it could also be caused by something more in-depth within your HVAC system.

Warning signs and problems

Thermostat troubles can also be disguised as other issues, as they often manifest in other more noticeable areas, such as low refrigerant or a burned-out motor. These costly problems are often the result of a longstanding thermostat error that has gone unnoticed and unsolved – another great reason to be as observant as possible with your air conditioning unit and its functions!

Thermostat troubleshooting and installation in Southern California

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