Top 6 Reasons Why Your Furnace Isn’t Blowing Hot Air

With winter weather starting to set in, you’ll be relying on your furnace to keep your house warm and toasty. But what if that’s not happening? What if your furnace isn’t blowing hot air? Here are the top six reasons this could be happening:

Top 6 Reasons Why Your Furnace Isn’t Blowing Hot Air

1. Just Turned On

It takes a few minutes for a furnace to start blowing hot air, so if you’ve just turned it on, it may feel like cold air is blowing out. It also takes time for the hot air to travel through the ducts in your home. Plus, the cold air trapped in the ducts needs to be released before the hot air starts coming through.

2. Thermostat

After turning on your furnace, make sure your thermostat is set at a higher temperature than your house is currently at. You’ll also want to make sure it’s set on “heat mode.” If you’ve just changed the settings, it may take a moment or two to reset.

If the furnace continues to blow hot air, check the batteries on the thermostat to make sure they’re good to go. Replace them if need be. If that doesn’t work, it may be time to get the thermostat recalibrated, or replaced with a new one.

3. Dirty Ducts

If there are leaks or damage to your ductwork, it could cause problems for your heating system. Leaks can let the hot air out, leading to cooler air being sent throughout your home. It’s important to check the basement and attic, to make sure everything is in good order.

Dirt and debris can also cause issues for your ducts, and block the airflow. If the ducts are completely blocked, it can cause the furnace to overheat and shut off.

4. Poor Insulation

Check the insulation in your home, especially where the ducts run. If it’s worn out or ripped, consider replacing or adding more. Poor insulation lets the heat escape the room, making the furnace work hard to keep everything warm.

5. Issues with the Furnace

  • Gas Furnace: Check the supply of gas to the furnace, and make sure it’s on. If you have an older model furnace, check to see if the pilot light is on.
  • Electric Heater: Check to see if any of the breakers are off in your circuit box, and turn them back on. If it keeps tripping the breaker, there may be an issue with the circuit. An HVAC professional should check it.
  • Heat Pump: If a heat pump is blowing out cold air, it may be sign the auxiliary strips are malfunctioning, or the level of refrigerant is too low. A professional should take a look.

6. Too Big or Too Small

Your furnace’s size makes a difference in how well it heats your home. For instance, if it’s too small, it won’t heat your home. If it’s too large, it’ll heat up your home too quickly, and keep running throughout the day.

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