Tips for Keeping Your Garbage Disposal in Optimal Shape

Your home requires many different kinds of upkeep, but one maintenance task many people forget (or simply ignore) is caring for the garbage disposal. All sorts of stuff ends up in that appliance, and unfortunately, it can become smelly and unsanitary. Plus, garbage disposals frequently become jammed, making dinner time clean up an even bigger hassle.

To prevent your kitchen sink from becoming a gross, broken part of the kitchen, here are five ways you can care for your garbage disposal on a regular basis.

1. Don’t Toss Inappropriate Items in the Disposal

The best thing you can do for your garbage disposal is to use it correctly. It’s perfectly fine to use it for grinding up minimal amounts of most of foods, but don’t toss big bones, pasta, rice, egg shells or potato peels in there; they can jam the disposal or become lodged in the pipe.

Also, don’t use your garbage disposal as a trash can. Glass, plastic, paper, and metal objects have no place in your kitchen sink.

2. Clean the Blades Every Once in a While

Luckily, cleaning a garbage disposal is easier than it sounds. There are several techniques you can try. Throw some ice cubes down into the appliance and chop it up with the blades. You can also add vinegar to the ice to eliminate bad smells.

Another cleaning method is grinding up citrus fruit peels with the disposal. Oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and limes are all excellent at removing odors and cleaning the blades, which keeps them working properly.

3. Use Cold Water Instead of Hot

You might normally wash your dishes with hot water, but when you turn on the garbage disposal, switch to cold. Plumbers say that this helps your device chop up grease and oil better. Don’t forget to leave the water running for a bit before and after using the disposal to fully flush away food particles.

4. Run the Disposal Every Few Days

Letting your garbage disposal sit without use for days on end can cause it to rust or freeze up. Plus, the longer food sits inside the device, the worse it starts to smell. Make sure to turn the device on at least every three days or so, if not more frequently.

5. Call at the First Sign of Trouble

Don’t wait until problems with your garbage disposal are serious to reach out for help. The sooner a plumber can evaluate the device, the sooner you’ll be back to using it on a regular basis.

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