Time For a New Furnace? 5 Important Questions to Consider

Now that it’s fall, you may be starting to think ahead to the upcoming winter. One big question on many homeowners’ minds is, “Will my furnace last another winter?” It can be tough to say. The average lifespan for a furnace is 15-20 years, but the equipment doesn’t come with an expiration date that makes it easy to know when it needs to be replaced.

Time For a New Furnace? 5 Important Questions to ConsiderIf you’re on the fence about upgrading your furnace, here are five important questions and factors to consider to make a smart decision.

  1. Is your old furnace getting the job done? Think back to last winter. Was your home consistently cozy or did your furnace struggle to produce enough warm air? In our experience, it’s always best to replace a heating system a bit early than wait for it to break down completely, which can leave you stuck in the cold and cost you more money for an emergency service visit.
  2. How old is the current unit? If your furnace is 12 years or older and starting to have problems, you’re getting into the territory where it might make more financial sense to replace the unit rather than putting on band-aids to get through each winter.
  3. How much will you spend on repairs? Regular maintenance and replacing small components are excellent ways to extend the service life of your furnace. However, if your unit calls for a major repair such as a faulty heat exchanger or blower motor, that money may be better spent going toward a brand new furnace.
  4. How energy-efficiency is the old furnace? New furnace technology comes with many advantages, especially higher energy-efficiency. In addition to lower efficiency ratings, old furnaces usually have problems that cause it to use up more energy. So by upgrading your furnace, you can significantly lower your energy consumption and utility bills.
  5. How safe is your old furnace? Last but not least, an old furnace could be a higher risk for electrical, fire, or ventilation issues – all of which could be very dangerous. This is especially true if your furnace hasn’t been maintained properly or repairs were done incorrectly. Getting a new furnace installed by a qualified HVAC professional gives you peace of mind knowing your heating system is as safe as possible.

New furnace installation  in Southern California

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