Signs That Your Central Air Conditioning Needs Recharging

Did you know your air conditioner can be recharged? While it isn’t like your typical appliance or electronic device that requires a new battery, your air conditioning unit could eventually require a recharge of refrigerant to work properly. 

Refrigerant is the substance that captures warm air inside your home so it can be transferred outside. So if your system is low on refrigerant, the AC can drastically lose its cooling power.

How to tell if your AC needs a recharge

The refrigerant is part of a closed-loop system, which means the primary cause of a low level is a leak. This isn’t always the most likely cause of an air conditioning issue, so it’s important to check other potential causes first. Here are a few things to try.

  • Simply feel the temperature of the air coming from the vent in your home. If it is warm or room temperature, that means your air conditioning unit is likely not working properly. (Be sure your thermostat is set correctly before moving on to the next step!)
  • If the fan is not working correctly, you’ll want to call in the professionals. This is a potentially dangerous task that should be left to individuals who are well-trained in air conditioning repairs and maintenance. NEVER reach your hand inside your air conditioning unit. 
  • Other reasons for your AC unit not working properly include frost or buildup, as well as a clogged air filter. Some of these issues can be solved with a DIY approach. However, we always recommend giving us a call before you begin any AC repairs. 

What to do next

If by the process of elimination, it appears that you may have a low refrigerant level, it’s time to bring in an HVAC professional for a recharge. This is done by carefully adding the proper refrigerant to the unit and is a job best left to an experienced technician. 

A note about Freon

If you have an older AC unit, it may use R22 refrigerant (commonly known as Freon). For environmental reasons, Freon is no longer in production, so quantities are very limited for recharging. If you run into that issue, you may want to consider replacing the air conditioning unit with a newer, more energy-efficient model.

AC recharge services in Southern California

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