The Importance of Heating Maintenance Ahead of the Holiday Season

As November is passing, that means we’ve all enjoyed Thanksgiving, and the 2018 holiday season has officially kicked off! This is a time where it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the cooking, gift-giving, decorating, and preparation of your home for visiting relatives. It is a time where things can get so hectic that you forget about some of the most important housekeeping duties, one of which could be the maintenance of your home’s method of heating. This can be catastrophic when the temperatures begin to drop – in the San Diego area when we are facing temperatures of 48 degrees or lower, you are going to need your heating system. The best way to ensure it works without a hitch is to schedule a maintenance service to examine things and stay ahead of future problems. At Liberty Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning, we can do all of these things and more.

Maintenance Is the Key to Saving Energy and Money

The holidays are just as expensive as they are fun. You are spending a significant amount of money on food and gifts, and the last thing you need is to be hit with a costly procedure, like having a massive malfunction that’s costly to repair, or having to replace your heating unit altogether, which is not cheap. And that is the precise reason that maintenance services are important during the holiday season, and also throughout the whole rest of the year as well. Maintenance allows professionals to examine the condition of your heating and cooling unit to make sure that everything is running just right – and to determine any red flags in general functioning. With things running so efficiently, a well-maintained heating system is far more likely to use less energy, and you will have a little extra money in your pocket for your holiday expenses.

Added Safety and Comfort

When your heating unit is running the most efficiently, you can breathe a sigh of relief. You are saving money, conserving energy, and are likely going to experience the most consistent temperature distribution throughout your home. On top of that, you are probably breathing in the healthiest air in your home that you can. These are all positive outcomes of heating units that are well taken care of. With a professional’s evaluation and a fresh filter, you know you can have total faith that it will be working properly while you have a house full of family members. You’ll also know that any concerns that had the potential to turn into major mechanical issues have been stifled. While it is a more rare event, fires can start in a heating unit, but that’s more likely to happen when it is not routinely serviced. Ask yourself today, before the holiday season gets further along, when was the last time you had your heating system examined by an expert?

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