Furnace Repair | When to DIY and When to Call the Experts

Over time, you get used to that strange sound that your furnace makes, and you no longer take notice. But when it stops suddenly, you are in a bit of a jam. That odd thing you ignored may be an early warning sign of a more serious problem. That is why you should learn here when it’s best to DIY and when to call in the experts for furnace repair.

Furnace Repair | When to DIY and When to Call the Experts

Furnace Cleaning May Not Require a Service Call

When your furnace filter is dirty, it can prevent your system from working properly. Change the filter every one to three months depending on whether you have a pet or an allergy sufferer in your home. However, if the filter is harder to access, or you’re unsure about what you’re doing – call for furnace repair services instead of trying to DIY.

Always switch your thermostat to the “OFF” position and put off your furnace’s shut off fan before attempting any filter change.

Your Furnace Fan Should Not be Running All The Time

If your fan is always running, then something is wrong. When you set your fan to “auto”, it should only run when the system is in the middle of a heating cycle. If it’s running all the time, you will likely have one of three problems. The first two below you should be able to fix them on your own. However, the third is not a DIY project. 

  • Your Fan is on a Wrong Setting

To find out if this is the problem you’re dealing with, move your thermostat setting to one or two degrees below room temperature. Check after a few minutes if the thermostat gets to the new set temperature. If it doesn’t, your furnace is likely overworking to provide heat. You may be facing heat distribution issues on your property. While you can ignore this problem by changing clothes as you move around the house, it’s best to call a furnace repair service to identify and fix issues as it raises your energy bill.

Ensure that your fan is set to “auto”, not “on”. The “on” setting will cause your fan to run nonstop without providing any heating benefit. This wastes energy and may increase your utility bills.

  • Your Fan Manual Limit Switch is on “override”

Take a look at the fan limit switch located on the furnace. If it is set to override, it will keep turning the fan on and off even when the system isn’t in use. Is the white button pushed in? If yes, your furnace is set to “always on” mode. To reset your limit switch, simply pull out the white button.

  • If the solutions mentioned above don’t work, your furnace may have a short in the wires connecting your thermostat or fan switch. This is a job for professionals. Call in a furnace repair service to check out your heating system and get it back up and running in no time. DIY furnace repairs can save you money, but only if you are confident about what you are doing or have sufficient knowledge.

Stop Disregarding That Eggy Smell From Your Furnace

Since natural gas is odorless and colorless, a rotten egg smell coming from your furnace or any other natural gas appliance means that you have a leaky connection, and this is not something to take lightly. Natural gas is highly flammable. If you start smelling the putrid odor of rotten eggs in your house, turn off your furnace and leave immediately. Don’t try to DIY it.

The smell is due to the presence of Mercaptan, an odorant added to natural gas. For safety, always call a furnace repair technician for any kind of gas leak as it could be deadly if left unattended.

It is Normal to Observe a Funny Smell When You Turn on Your Furnace

When you first turn on your furnace during the first heat cycle of the year, you may smell something funny. This is because the dust and debris from inside have started to blow out in the form of heat. If this happens every time you switch your furnace on and off, then a simple cleaning of your blower fan can solve the problem. However, if the smell persists even after a thorough cleaning, it may be an indication of a bigger issue such as a gas leak or faulty circuit boards. In that case, call in the experts for furnace repair services.

Don’t Overlook That Rattling Sound Coming From Your Furnace

While some furnace sounds are normal and don’t indicate any issue, if you hear rattling noises from inside your furnace, it could be a sign that the blower wheel is dirty, has lost a few screws, or is out of alignment. If you take action quickly, you might be able to fix it on your own. However, if you have any doubts or the rattling sound doesn’t go away after a good cleaning, then call in an HVAC specialist at Liberty Plumbing, Heating And Air for furnace repair service to take care of the problem before it develops into something bigger and costlier.

You Don’t Have to Always Light The Burner Yourself

It is okay to relight your furnace sometimes when the pilot light goes out. But if this happens often, it could mean that there’s a problem. A draft may be blowing out the flame or there may be an issue with your burner. It may require cleaning or an adjustment. Consult a furnace repair technician to identify and fix the problem. Don’t try DIY repairs in such cases as incorrect handling of gas can be dangerous. It’s best to call in an experienced HVAC service for furnace repair and maintenance.

Regular furnace maintenance can save you a lot of trouble during the peak winter months. Liberty Plumbing, Heating And Air offers professional furnace repair services at competitive rates. Give us a call and we will be happy to provide the best solutions for your HVAC needs.

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