Freshen Up Your Home With an Air Exchanger

Does your home feel stuffy when the windows are closed? Have you noticed moisture collecting or musty smells? When these instances occur, our customers are surprised to know that their new home is, in some respects, too efficiently built.

Freshen Up Your Home With an Air ExchangerWith advancements in insulation, doors, and windows, modern homes are exceptionally energy-efficient and airtight. The one downside is this can trap air and moisture inside – unless you find a way to improve ventilation such as with an air exchanger.

What does an air exchanger do?

An air exchanger is designed to circulate fresh air from outside into the home while pushing stale air outdoors. This equipment works in conjunction with your heating and cooling systems and can be used all throughout the year. Inside the unit is a heat recovery core, which allows the heat to transfer from one stream of air to another – meaning the incoming fresh air won’t have much of an impact on the temperature inside your home.

Having an air exchanger installed in your home can offer many benefits, including:

  • Improved air quality and comfort
  • Humidity control
  • Remove unpleasant odors
  • Lower energy bills

Types of air exchangers

While they all do basically the same job in the end, there are few different types of air exchangers based on the direction of airflow.

  • Counter-flow air exchanger – hot and cold air run in parallel directions
  • Cross-flow air exchanger – hot and cold air flow perpendicular to each other
  • Axial flow air exchanger – uses a wheel that slowly turns while the heat from the warm air is transfer to the cooler air

Installation of air exchangers

The placement and installation of an air exchanger are important to improve ventilation and get all the benefits this equipment offers. The main unit can be installed in many different locations without being noticeable or disruptive, including attics and basements. Plus, the air exchanger can hook into the existing ductwork, though the design must make sure that airflow is able to reach and ventilate all living areas.

Air exchanger installation in Southern California

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