Checklist For Hiring a Plumber For a Home Renovation

Starting a home improvement project can be exciting. You get to pick out the design, paint colors, fixtures, and more. Plus the feeling of updating your home can be very gratifying. But one aspect of a renovation that can be intimidating for most homeowners is plumbing.

Team MemberEven if you’re a DIYer, there are some plumbing projects that are better off left to the professionals. If the work is done incorrectly or not up to code, you risk water damage and costly repairs in the future. Having the plumbing done right the first time is usually a smarter investment.

Once you decide it’s time to bring in a plumber, how do you select the right one for your home renovation project? Use this handy checklist when interviewing plumbers and getting estimates.

  1. Gather recommendations from family and friends. Be sure to specify that you’re looking for a plumber for a renovation project, not necessarily a quick repair like a drain cleaning.
  2. Read reviews and business ratings. Online reviews and checking Better Business Bureau ratings can be a good way to gauge the reputation of plumbing companies.
  3. Check the state licensing website. Make sure the plumber is licensed. If not, that may be a red flag for their experience or professionalism.
  4. Finish the project plan. In order to give you a firm quote, the plumber will need to know what the work entails. Once the work starts, it will be more complicated and expensive to change your mind if it involves plumbing.
  5. Know what questions to ask. Beyond finding out how much project costs, here are some things you may want to ask a plumber before making a decision.
    • Will the plumber be pulling a permit, or will you have to do that?
    • Who is responsible for opening walls or other prep work?
    • When can the work be scheduled and how long will it take to complete?
    • Is the plumber bonded? Do they have all the necessary insurances?
    • Call plumbing companies and request an estimate. If it’s a big project, it’s OK to get multiple estimates to compare pricing.
    • Obtain permits, if needed.
  6. Purchase fixtures. If you are providing your own fixtures, make sure they are picked up or delivered before the date of the plumbing service. It’s also a good idea to inspect the products beforehand to double-check they are what you wanted and not damaged.
  7. Prepare the job area. Clean the space to give the plumber room to work. If you’re responsible for any other prep work, make sure it’s ready before the plumber arrives.
  8. Be available during plumbing work. You don’t want to interfere with the plumber while work is being done, but be available in the home or by phone in case any issues arise. This can help problems be resolved faster and eliminate the need for the plumber to come back for an extra appointment.

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