Be Ready for Summer with Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance

Spring is here and temperatures are starting to creep up. That means now’s the time to consider some maintenance for your air conditioner. Bringing in a professional for an inspection and tune-up now is much cheaper than a major repair later. Preventative maintenance can also help your unit work more efficiently, which can save you money each month on energy costs.

At Liberty Plumbing, here are some of the areas we inspect to make sure your AC is running in tip-top shape.

  1. Refrigerant – If the refrigerant is low, your AC won’t be able to pump out as much cool air. We can test the refrigerant charge and detect if there are any leaks in the refrigerant line.
  2. Coils – If the evaporating or condenser coils are dirty, your unit will have to work harder, which can wear down the motor and compressor. By cleaning the coils, we can avoid major issues and allow your unit to run efficiently.
  3. Fan belt – The fan belt is made of rubber, so it naturally breaks down over time. If the belt appears to be worn, we can replace it before it snaps and your AC stops working.
  4. Fan blade – If there’s dirt or debris stuck on the fan blade, the motor will have to work harder to move the fan. A quick cleaning will solve this issue.
  5. Electrical system – Are the wiring and connections in good shape, or do any electrical components need to be replaced to prevent a power outage for the unit?
  6. Air flow – Anything that restricts air flow of your AC can cause a problem. We inspect the fan motor, ductwork, filters, and other areas that might contribute to improper air flow.
  7. Drain line and pan – Over time, condensate lines and drains can become clogged and overflow. By cleaning the lines and checking the drain pain, we can prevent mold growth and potential water damage.
  8. Thermostat – Your AC won’t be of much use if the thermostat malfunctions or is set incorrectly. We can check the settings, timer function, and battery to make sure you’re good to go.

Don’t wait for your AC to break down – plan ahead and prevent an issue from happening in the first place.

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