7 Reasons Why You’re Air Conditioning is Running Constantly

We all love our air conditioners in the summer. But if you notice that your AC is constantly running and blowing air, you may start to sweat for a completely different reason.

On top of using up a lot of energy (and money), an AC that is always running can be a sign that there’s a problem with your system. It’s important to address these issues quickly to prevent excess wear-and-tear on your unit.

Here are seven common reasons why an AC might be running constantly.

  1. Dirty air filter

An old, dirty filter restricts airflow of your AC. Since it’s pumping out less cool air, it will have to run longer and work harder to reach the desired temperature. Check the packaging of the air filter to see how often it should be replaced. Of course, for a few bucks, it’s not a bad idea to change out the filter more frequently, especially if you have pets or allergies.

  1. Faulty thermostat

After the air filter, the next easy solution to try is checking the thermostat. It’s possible the settings got changed accidentally so the set temperature is too low (causing the AC to run longer). If you have an old thermostat, it might be a good time to replace it with a newer, programmable model that will give you more control and help save on energy costs.

  1. Dirty condenser coils

An air conditioner works by moving warm air from inside your home and releasing it outside. This heat transfer is done through the condenser coils. But if the coils are dirty or covered in debris, the heat gets trapped and the AC will run longer to try to move that warm air.

You can do your part by making sure the outside AC unit is clear of leaves, pet hair, mud, animals nests, and anything else that could block the coils. But the best way to ensure peak performance and energy efficiency is having your coils professionals cleaned. If you schedule annual maintenance or an AC tune-up, this is should be part of the service.

  1. Low refrigerant

Without enough refrigerant, the AC will not be effective at cooling your home. When the refrigerant level is low, this usually means you have a leak. Both issues should be addressed by a qualified HVAC professional.

  1. Leaky air ducts

If your ductwork was not installed correctly, is damaged, or not properly insulated, cold air may be escaping. That means you’re wasting energy and money to cool spaces between walls and unfinished areas of your home. An HVAC professional can inspect the ductwork to see if you any changes or repairs that need to be made.

  1. Unit is too small for your home

Air conditioners aren’t one-size-fits-all appliances. They need to be accurately sized to the amount of space you have. If your unit is too small, it will have to work longer and harder to cool your home. This will also shorten the service life of the unit.

  1. Old unit that needs to be replaced

The average service life of a central air conditioning unit is 15-20 years. But this can vary depending on your use, weather conditions, and maintenance. If your AC is nearing the end of its expected life and having problems, it may make more financial sense to replace it with a new high-efficiency unit.

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